“For fairness, sustainability, and for the future.” #GPCONF speech in Brighton, 14th September

Who can ignore the concerns around poverty on our doorstep with winter just around the corner.

Cooking on a Bootstrap

Austerity works, according to our chancellor George Osborne. Austerity works. But apart from the Government’s pals at Wonga, who revealed last week that they make £1 million in profit a week by lending an average of £600 to people the week before payday, who does austerity actually work for?
Certainly not the 13 million people living in poverty in the UK.
Certainly not the half a million people that rely on emergency food handouts to feed themselves and their families.
When I say ‘poverty’, you probably conjure up images of children far away, emotive TV appeals, and ruthless dictators. How many of you think of the homeless that sit outside supermarket entrances and cash machines? How many of you have seen the queue at your local food bank, or even know where it is?
But of course. That’s not poverty. Not in the sixth or seventh richest country in the…

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Lovely Day for a walk in Hyde Park

Walk or Ride - it`s a lovely Park

Making the most of the lovely sunshine here in London .

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Westminister Abbey

Westminister Abbey

The Abbey by Night photo  taken by A. Reid

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London a Fabulous City

Who cannot be impressed with London, its colourful, dynamic and unique. This blog will be showing photos of tourist spots and hidden gems. From the Palace to the markets, the Thames to the waxworks I hope you will join me as a tourist in London. This is my first post for thelondontourist.

The photo above is of Westminister Abbey the history of which goes back to the 13th C. More recently of course it was the setting of William and Kate’s wedding. Just around the corner are the Houses of Parliment and Big Ben himself. Do wear comfortable shoes in London as even when using the tubes and buses there is a lot of walking.

I stayed near Covent Gardens and you can get reasonably priced hotels if you book well in advance. It also helps if you can go mid week. I am luck and now stay with friends but plenty of people stay in hostels or if you have a good budget the choice  of accommodation is huge.

I recently went to The Film Museum on the Southbank and it is a must for anyone interested in film.

I have passed this a few times  but never been inside do go there is so much to see.  Firstly though the cost £13.50! after a bit of moaning on my part the cashier said that if I wrote my email address on a promotional leaflet that he had behind the counter (not on view) it was £5 cheaper. Now thats a lot of difference £8.50 sounds so much better, plus additional £2 concessions for students, children or OAPs. Motto of the story is if you don`t ask you don`t get.                                                        

Original Pink Panther Script

Original scripts from Pink Panther, Batman and Flash Gordon, Darleks used in the TV series and even the first Blue Phone box from Dr Who.  Costumes from period dramas like Mrs Brown and the props from The Borrowers including the oversized bench from the garden.  Some of the highlights were the Star Wars characters including Darth Vader and the Storm Troopers all life size.  The Harry Potter Golden Egg, wand and book, along with the magic broomsticks used in the movie.  There is a dark scary room where  Alien from the Alien movies sits guarding her eggs, and Mummies lie in coffins. Thunderbird 4 shuffles for space with the Statue of Liberty and the life size Bart Simpson characters sit watching their TV. It is a warren of rooms and you do find yourself getting a bit lost but its great and the kids will love it just don`t let them see some of the props from the horror shows.

Outside on the embankment one of the many Easter egg sculpures  around London sat waiting to be discovered. There are a few hundred scattered around  and they are all unique copies of Russian faberge eggs. Get the children to find as many as possible as you walk about. There are some in Hyde Park and probably the other parks to. Parents could check on the net beforehand. As Easter is approaching I have used the photo below as my avatar.

Statue outside St. Martins church

Walk over the bridge and up to Trafalgar Square and nip into the National Art Gallery. It is free and impressive and who can not wonder at the skill of Ruben and all the other great names of long suffering artists. The 16th C is particularly well represented. Most days the gallery is very busy but it wasn`t crowded when I was there. It was however extremely hot and I only stayed a short while because of this. There is a shop and cafe at the gallery.    Making the most of being in the city the next stop was St. Martins Church across the road from Trafalgar Square. As it was lunchtime we were lucky to be treated to an orchestra practicing for the evening performance. This made a tranquil break from the traffic and crowds outside. Some people sat dozing in the pews while a few others whispered together, it was nice and I will make a point of going there again.    Outside the main doors is a plinth with a very realistic statue of a newborn baby.      

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